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  • We offer experienced Web Page design and Web Site hosting at reasonable prices.
  • User interface design is important! Whether you need a new web page or have an old site make over; At zwebster, we build a cutting edge user interface for your content. All our work is cross browser compatible by default. Years of experience have taught us to develop well organized and easily maintainable web pages. This saves time and money. We pass the savings on to you! When we develop and host your web site, we can make content updates for low cost. As our page technology evolves, we can bring your pages current at very low cost. This means that as the presentation of internet content evolves, your web pages can be kept current with utmost efficiency, because our page design is easy to maintain. Saving you money!
  • Specializing in user interface and dynamic content.
  • If you are going to the trouble of having a web site. It pays to do it right. Readers visit a sight to find information. The information must present itself. Readers do not want to dig for information. They want it thrown in their face and presented such that the only questions they have is about the subject matter, not where to find it. An organized web page(s) will make this happen. Experienced developers will use navigation techniques which are intuitive and easy to maintain.
  • Dynamic content is when page design uses client and or server side computing to alter the page content and or navigation. Dynamic content can keep a shopping cart current, present content based on visitor characteristics and preferences, or any any type of presentation altering based on conditions.
  • Well designed web pages are easy to maintain and keep current.
  • Many web design and hosting companies charge a flat fee for a new set of web pages. At zwebster we work by the hour. We can create a set of web pages in 30 minutes to 1 hour per page. We will plug your content into one of our page layout designs. This way we don't have to pretend to re-invent the wheel for you.
  • Reasonable prices keep us busy and save you money.
  • Page work is currently $20/hour, and charged in 15 minute increments. We are able to perform content updates quickly, usually within 15 minutes. Even new pages can be added to a site in less than an hour. An average 3 to 10 page web site can be created in 2 to 6 hours. Average. You upload you text content, pictures, any brochures you may feel will help etc., we will build a web site efficiently using a current interface look that presents your content in a well organized manner.
A few of the sites developed by zwebster.com

propatio.com - Paver Calculator
versa-lokwall.com - Retaining Wall Calculator
decorativelandscapes.com - Landscape Construction Sales
insteonsoftware.com - Software Sales

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