Stage 4 Metastatic Cancer Diary

Diagnosed with Stage 4 Metastatic Prostate Cancer May 5 2021

Documented here so I can better guide my progress based on results, and hope it will be of benefit to others.

PSA history in BOLD print.

Total PSA

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My Diet And Exercise Program?

Disclaimer:I'm not promoting or recommending anything here. Just documenting what I did... And the results when combined with treatment described above.

If you are reading this you can make your own decisions on what is best for you.

There is lots of links to web site information I read to learn about my diagnosis and studies that present findings for diet, exercise used with treatment.
According to my spell checker "salady" is word I made up.
It is up to the reader to learn and make educated decision on what is best for their individual benefit.

My Diet And Exercise Program

  • Salad based meals and lots of green tea.
  • Started making Kombucha from green tea in July 2021
  • I also started ferment some of the Kombucha to help take the edge off. Yes, I did do this. (good place for another disclaimer)
  • Walking and light jogging to rattle my bones for bone and respiratory health. And any other benefit from light exercise.
Summer of 2021 I bought a lot of water melon, blueberries, red grapes, and strawberries, because they were in season. The fruit was about 50% of my diet. The rest being salady meals in the form of the best salads I knew how to make, and salad wraps, that I make. Salady meals is just uncooked raw mix of whatever tastes good and you can feel satisfied with calling it at least a partial meal. Something you can keep up on a regular basis.
Winter I kept with the salady meals as much as I could bear, and made a lot of vegetable soup from scratch. Seasonal ingredients.