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Connecting an AC motion sensor to a smart relay

image of wire connection zwave rsm2 with off the shelf motion light The motion sensor with flood lights I use are the least expensive, no extra wiring gizmo features to get in the way. I never have paid more than $15 for a simple, reliable, bare bones motion light.

  • The motion sensor part has 3 wires. HOT (black), NEUTRAL (white), and SENSOR RELAY POWER OUT (red)
  • The motion sensor is just a switch. It needs power for the sense circuitry. White and Black wires supply the power for the motion sensor, and when motion is sensed the lights.
  • Your motion light may have different colors. Normally, white is neutral, black is hot. You can verify by looking at the power cord and what it attaches to.
  • The SENSOR OUT WIRE, (red in this case) will show no voltage until motion is sensed when it is switched on to supply the lights with power.
  • The Motion SENSOR OUT WIRE comes connected to the lights. Disconnect that and connect it to the AUX1 on the RSM2. I used and orange wire and wirenut to bridge the gap.
  • Connect the lights to the LOAD1 from the RSM2.
  • The RSM2 has two (2) relays, so you can optionally connect another switch to the AUX2, and connect LOAD2 to lights, a transformer, anything the RSM2 is rated for.
RSM2 to Motion Light connections The EnerWave relay has 2 inputs that act as AC power sensors. The ZWN-RSM@ ZWave device will send ZWave signals when the state of the sense wires change. On to Off and Off to On. Smart software such as LinkNet will watch for ZWave signals and can respond with a smart logic command to turn on or off other devices, send and email etc. Image showing wire connections rsm2 with motion light

Enerwave Z-Wave Plus Dual Relay

Wall or eave mountable, motion activated outdoor security floodlight

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