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How to program an RCA RCR313BE universal remote

I Googled and tried following several how to's on different web sites. The snippet below is what worked for me. Exactly as it said. I've included a link to the web page from digital trends that contained the information. The reason I place an extract of the article that worked for me here, because many times pages disappear and the original is lost or hard to find.
The page from this web site has very good directions for programming a RCA universal remote with my Sony TV.

Auto programming


The easiest and fastest way to begin syncing your devices with your universal remote control is to input auto codes automatically.

  1. Turn on the component or device you want to set up, such as your TV or Blu-ray player. In this example, we’ll go with TV.
  2. Press and release the TV button. The remote’s On/Off button will light up and should remain lit.
  3. Now, simultaneously press and hold the TV button and the On/Off button. The illuminated On/Off button will turn off. After a moment, however, it should turn back on.
  4. Release both buttons after the On/Off button relights. It should remain on.
  5. Now, press and release the Play button on your RCA remote. If the TV (or component that you are programming) does not turn off after five seconds, continue to hit the Play button every five seconds until the TV turns off.
  6. Next, press and release the Reverse button. Wait to see if the TV turns back on, and press it every three seconds until it does.
  7. Press and release the Stop button to save the programming for the device in your remote’s memory.
  8. Repeat steps 1-7 for each additional device you wish to pair with your remote.