About Web Sites

Create A Web Site

  1. Obtain a domain
  2. www.domain name.com is a Sample domain name
  3. Verify domain name availability www.whois.com
  4. Register the domain name Network Solutions Registrar
  5. Author Web Pages
  6. Web Page Authoring is creating your Web Site and making it internet ready.
  7. Good page design puts your content out front with an easy to navigate and intuitive interface.
  8. Content should be organized and straight forward.
  9. Complicated of lengthy subjects will benefit with a Frequently Asked Questions page.
  10. Most web page visits result from an information search. Content that is direct and to the point is good.
  11. Linking Web Pages Builds Web Site
  12. Web page content - Creating web pages for the content.
  13. Web pages can be linked using a navigation scheme.
  14. Test web pages using more than one browser.
  15. Publish the web site to the internet under your domain name.
  16. Promoting the Web site
  17. Submit to search engines
  18. Page authoring includes creating search engin freindly pages.
  19. Include your url in any advertising, business headings etc.
  20. url example: www.mgpsoftware.com
  21. Maintaining the web site
  22. Web sites will normally be an evolving work and require editing to keep current.

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www.twincitylandscape.com - Twin Cities Landscapeing Web Site
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www.rejuvit.com - Nutrition Information
www.insteonsoftware.com - Software support site for IonW-PLM home automation software
www.crbeehive.com - Nutrition Information
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