About Web Page Authoring

Getting Started with new Web Pages!

  • Describe what the web site content will be about.
  • Identify information that will be displayed on web pages. This can be text, pictures, existing brochures. Your web site pages should be informational and answer frequently asked questions.
  • Create your HTML web pages yourself or we will do it for you.

Web Page / Web site Design Goals

  • Information should be easy to interpret!

  • Table of Contents

  • Searchable Index

  • What's New (with the organic nature of online documents, a time-oriented ordering will help the infonaut quickly orient herself with what is new and/or changed in otherwise familiar territory)

Organize your Content

A well organized Web Site with easy navigation to readers will see more repeat traffic. Difficult content will be dismissed for an easier site. Putting your information out to the public to discover and read is a simple matter of organizing the information into a simple to view format. Be it 1 page or hundreds, content delivery is very important. An intuitive page design will give readers a comfortable impression to bookmark for reference. The internet is about information exchange. Your Web Site must present information to a hungry reader efficiently!

Keeping Web Site content up-to-date
The nice thing about good page design, updating will normally be minimal. Content changes can be as simple as cut-paste revisions in text to expanding for new information or both. Most page updates fall in the quarter hour category.
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